Who runs TimeOrganizeStudy

Hey there! My name is Clovis and I run the show over here at TimeOrganizeStudy.

A little bit of myself: I am from Singapore. Singapore is just beside Malaysia and the city looks like that from the picture below:

My hobbies are reading books, watching tech videos and playing the piano.

Why Start TimeOrganizeStudy?

Well, I have been really passionate about these 3 areas that make up the name:

  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Studying

As a Singaporean student, academic life has been very stressful.

Results are ‘key‘ to getting a good future in Singapore and every student, no matter whether they like studying or not, have to study hard to get excellent results.

Furthermore, with Asian parents always comparing with each other, results are often pulled into the conversation and parents start comparing whose child is supposedly more ‘intelligent.’

Stressful isn’t it?

Going through Primary School, Secondary School and Junior College, I have picked up many valuable skills that helped me manage my time optimally, organize my files well and study efficiently. While discovering new skills, I have also continuously honed existing ones.

As a result, I have become pretty efficient in whatever I do and have scored well in school.

In the most recent major national exam, the GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations, I scored 87.5/90. This is an exceedingly good result given that I can enter any university and course, with the exception of dentistry (There are only around 60 places in the whole of Singapore). I do not intend to flaunt my stellar results, but I would like to use this to assure you that I know what I am talking about with regard to studying,  organizing and time management.

Although I am proud of my results, the achievement that I have felt the most proud of is using undesirable results in the past to develop myself into a person eager and determined to succeed. Together with an optimistic attitude, I have always climbed through the ranks in any school that I have gone to so far.

In Primary School, I have risen to the 2nd best class in just one year. For the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), I was one of the top scorers in my school.

Going into an ‘elite’ Secondary School, I was quickly demoted to one of the bottom classes in year 1. Some of my classmates did not meet the cut-off score for the school and entered through other means. Others didn’t have scores much higher than the cut-off. However, by year 3, I was promoted to the 2nd best class, just behind the class that took an additional subject. I studied hard and I took pride in being in the 2nd best class.

Everything was going well until the day that I received my ‘O’ Level results. I admittedly achieved a result that was utterly disappointing according to the standards of my class.

Recalling the moment when I saw my results, it was as if the whole world has ended. My mind went blank and my heart started beating quickly as I began tearing up. I felt embarrassed and ashamed. I even felt that I had single-handedly brought down my class’s average score.

From that point on, I refused to talk to any of my friends and family for a long time. I felt like I was on the verge of depression. I cried myself to sleep for a long time. It was so painful because I had high expectations of myself and I even promised my family that I will do my best for them, which I did not fulfill. I took an enormous hit for not delivering on a promise to my family and the pressure from all my classmates celebrating after scoring extremely well exacerbated it.

Moving into Junior College, I got into a school that I barely met the cut-off point for. Needless to say, I was again moved to a class of low scorers.

At this point, I told myself enough is enough! I will never want to score disappointing or mediocre results anymore! No more shitty results. I do not want to feel the same level of shame and regret that I have previously felt.

As a result, I threw myself into studying. I studied every single day and every minute I had free time for. I learned, discovered, invented and honed strategies that allowed me to score awesome results. And…at some point in time, I actually started to fall in love with studying.

I was extremely productive every day and procrastination was almost non-existent. Everything flowed as if on auto-pilot because the habit of studying was so deeply ingrained in me.

I woke up refreshed, ready to seize the day and went to bed feeling amazingly satisfied with the accomplishments I have made that day. This period of time was actually one of the happiest times of my life.

Then, all the blood, sweat and tears finally paid off when I received my ‘A’ Level results.

I cannot describe in a way that lets you feel the amount of joy and satisfaction I felt after achieving those results, but…I can promise you one thing: I will share all the strategies I have used to get the results I achieved and be where I am today.

There will be secrets, hacks and tips for studying, organizing and time management. No bullshit, no lies…

You and I…we will form a bonded student community where students help one another actively and without hesitation…a community where students propel each other to be the cream of the crop in their schools.

Join me and TimeOrganizeStudy if you resonated with whatever I have mentioned above, if you are experiencing difficulties to excel in school or if you are not doing well in school and you don’t want to feel the level of regret and shame you have previously felt before.

TimeOrganizeStudy will be there for you, in hardships or victory, and aid you in your journey to excel in school.