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Hey there! I am Clovis, the founder of TimeOrganizeStudy.

I started this site because I wanted to share all the strategies that I have used to get the results I achieved and be where I am today.

I studied my whole life in Singapore, a country known to have an extremely stressful education system. Despite the stress and academic vigour, I was able to continuously achieve high scores in exams. This was not because I had a talent for studying or that I am a genius.  I am just an ordinary guy who took the time and effort to pick up many valuable skills that helped me manage my time optimally, organize my files well and study efficiently

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As the name of the site suggests, this site is mainly focused on 3 areas as seen below even though I do write some general articles as well!

  • Time Management
  • Organizing
  • Studying

 With a good mastery of time management skills, you will be able to seize the day and raise your productivity. 

Being addicted to organizing, I will teach you how to organize your way to a happier life.

With a good grasp and knowledge of effective study skills, you will be able to study smarter and faster without worrying about procrastination.

Just like the rocket as seen in the picture above, I hope that through our articles, you will have a strong foundation and inventory of strategies (like the strong base and fuel in a rocket) to propel you to excel in school.

Want to start now and excel in school?

Here’s a valuable resource that you can use to kickstart your studying! 

Motivational Study Guide 

This ebook consists of 6 strategies that I find are the most effective in motivating a student to study. 

Throughout my journey as a student, I have constantly discovered new and more effective motivational strategies through research and books while honing existing ones. Together with an observation and discussion with other top students and teachers, I have compiled a list of strategies other students and I feel would help motivate you to study the best! 

In this book, I go through many aspects, including:

  • A timetable template for you
  • The 5 mins hack
  • The power of goals

and more! 

Each strategy in this book consists of a thorough analysis of why they work so well, what challenges you may face and its overall effectiveness with some things to take note of.  

I hope you find this ebook useful in helping you on your journey to excel in school.

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We treasure you as a reader and would never annoy you with any unnecessary emails! We promise!